Tough Times - Tougher Teams.

It's not about what has happened, this is about what happens next


Interactive Keynote with New York Times best selling author: Stan Slap


28th January

10 AM New York | 3 PM London | 4 PM Brussels



The session will bring you a 60 min online big-idea keynote session on reshaping culture in the next norm.


During the keynote you shall have the opportunity to participate in polls and ask your question there and then.

30-page Research Report

Get a free,  30 pages, in-depth research report, when you purchase slides & recordings.

The crisis we are facing today is a whole different thing, with a wholly different gravitas and scale.

Comprising a more profound threat to lives as well as livelihoods. Heartbreakingly eliminating many small, hand-built companies and dangerously threatening large companies and their many employees. Without a current or historic timetable for recovery. Some hard questions to face:

  • What is the surest and fastest way through the fog of this crisis?
  • Where do you start and  what is the right direction?
  • What is the wrong direction?
  • How do you stay standing up when everything around you seems to be falling down?
  • Whose guidance do you trust?

Join this incredible keynote + masterclass session and receive a true fog cutter for your company

This is not basic business advice—yes, you should avoid excessive debt and unnecessary expenses, leverage the latest technology, and show empathy to your people; those were really good ideas before this trouble, too. Here are new strategies to counter extraordinary new circumstances, backed with the tactical steps to implement them and to measure the metrics of success. 

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